Kindling – “Painkiller”


Massachusetts based shoegaze band Kindling have just premiered a big beefy fuzzy new single “Painkiller” (which can be listened to here via SoundCloud) that will be on their upcoming EP “Galaxies” which will be coming out this month via No Idea Records.

“Painkiller” is the definition of a great big wall of sound. The riffs tower over you like a gigantic movie monster attacking a city. The fuzzy overtones will envelope you in the warmest way possible for such a loud pounding song as well. It’s thunder and crashing in all of the best ways. Noisey goes into further detail, saying:

Kindling, a fuzzy shoegaze band from Massachusetts, has artfully mastered the art of delicate-yet-hard-hitting noise. From the moment you press play on their latest single, “Painkiller,” you’ll find your ears awash in sound. You might feel like you’re drowning in sound. Don’t worry, you’re not, that’s not possible (that we know of yet).

“Painkiller” really does take a genre that is so definitively 90’s and brings it roaring and thundering into the 21st century. It will definitely cure whatever aches and pains currently ail you.

Joshua Leep
Joshua Leep
I am a writer and editor with a BA in writing from Purdue University. Writing and music are two of my biggest passions in life.



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