Kississippi – “Greyhound”



Dream pop duo Kississippi have just released a soothing new single “Greyhound” (which can be listened to here via SoundCloud) that will be on their upcoming EP “We Have No Future, We Are All Doomed” which will be out on November 20th via Soft Speak Records.

“Greyhound” is simple, soft, and relaxing. It is everything that Kississippi seemed to have intended for it to be and then some. This is a song that makes you feel like you’re gently falling backward and hitting a soft cozy mattress that you can just sink into and drift right off to sleep on. In a way it’s like all the best things about going to bed in song format. Noisey goes into further detail, saying:

If you’ve ever wondered what a casual, welcome walk into the abyss sounds like, Kississippi has the answer. Their latest single ‘Greyhound,’ off the We Have No Future, We’re All Doomed EP is a hazy, dreamy song for all the people who are just hanging out in bed, thinking about you, wondering if you’re thinking about them too. It has a soft bedroom pop sound that will have you drifting to sleep and comfortably accepting that life is stressful.

For those of you looking for another addition to your bed time playlist, look no further.