LCD Soundsystem Closes Panorama 2016 with an Infectious Bang

Panorama 2016 has no doubt been a showcase of music’s most electric acts, but one act finished the weekend with one of the most explosive acts of the year. For the final night of Panorama 2016, LCD Soundsystem brought it, and brought it all the way.

After announcing their comeback tour on Easter Sunday, they easily showed the crowd exactly why they were touring, and giving them exactly what they wanted. As the final act, and with a curfew to make, frontman James Murphy announced early that “we’re trying to get through as many songs as we can tonight”, laying down the feel of the set for the rest of the night. They wasted no time hitting the classics, playing their best known songs, their crowd pleasers, throughout the entire performance; their dedication to their feverish fans was blatant with their opening of “Us Vs. Them” and steamrolling for hours.

Theo Wargo/Getty Images
LCD Soundsystem on July 24 at Panorama 2016 (Theo Wargo/Getty Images)

From “Daft Punk is Playing at my House” as the second song, to finishing with a rowdy “All My Friends”, the energy was a virus infecting the exhausted crowd. So infectous, in fact, that it left them awestruck long after the lights came on, and an encore was inevitably not coming. The raw power of the band on stage was a straight injection of their talent, reminding everyone of the reason why they were chosen to close Panorama weekend. Of course, it was also a reminder of why everyone loves LCD Soundsystem to this day, and why their comeback tour has been a rousing success.

Like stated before, LCD Soundsystem brought it. Exactly what it is, however, is something entirely personal to every sweat-drenched, sore-throated, calf-aching attendee of Panorama 2016.


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