Lee Bannon – “Pattern of Excel”


Electronic music DJ and producer Lee Bannon is about to drop his new album “Pattern of Excel” tomorrow (July 10) on Ninja Tune. However, he has been gracious enough to drop it a day early by streaming the album in its entirety on Wall Street Journal Speakeasy.

According to Bannon this will be the last album released under his own name (after which he will be changing his artist name to ¬), saying:

“I feel as if I have done all I can do under my name, and what is associated with it,” Bannon says by email. “I want to be able to keep moving forward creatively, without a preconceived notion of my ‘sound,’ or what it should be, impeding me.”

“Pattern of Excel” is chocked full of a variety of ambient soundscapes. There is a wealth of depth to each track that invokes a multitude of different emotions and reactions depending on how closely you listen to it. Some songs use that to build on intensity whereas others use it to add to a relaxation factor.  High quality headphones are definitely a must in order to get the full arm hair raising experience the album has to offer.

Joshua Leep
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