The Leisure Society- The Fine Art Of Hanging On-

the leisure society pic2        We all have something in life that we cling on to with our all whether it be profitable or not merely based on the fact that we have a passion for it. This is exactly what Nick Hemming  from the band The Leisure Society explores in his newly released album “The Fine Art Of Hanging On” which debuts April 28th on Full Time Hobby. This will be The Leisure Society’s fourth full length album, however though it still emanates the bands warm, timeless blend of grandiose pop and folk feel, it is made all the more relate able personally and emotionally  due to back stories  that tell of life’s struggles which accompany it.

The premiere first single titled ” Black cabins ” was inspired by a trip to Hastings by Nick Hemming in which he noticed several tall black cabins. These structures were used by local fisherman, and though their business is a small and constantly shrinking one, that isn’t financially viable the fisherman still persist, fueled on by their passion for the trade. Another  important inspiration for Hemming that went into this album was that all the way through the writing process a friend of his was battling cancer.  As such Hemming reached out by sending him the rough demos. By giving him this access to the work in progress and through his  feedback, Hemming was able to form a close bond with this Friend. Sadly in the end Hemming’s friend lost his battle, but his input and presence is there in the album. As such the closing track , “As The Shadows Form” very much like the closing of a life “is a song explicitly about death – intentionally sequenced as a poignant and literal ending – “a full stop” – as Hemming describes it.

Hemming and the band themselves seem to follow this lifestyle of doing things for the enjoyment rather than the monetary gain and this shows in the way that though it was a more expensive and time consuming process. The band recorded the album onto analogue tape at Konk studios and mastered it at Abbey Road Studios,  merely because they knew that this would be the extra step needed to make the best record that they could.


The Fine Art Of Hanging On track listing:

01. The Fine Art Of Hanging On

02. Nothing Like This

03. Tall Black Cabins

04. The Undefeated Ego

05. Outside In

06. I’m A Setting Sun

07. You Are What You Take

08. You’ll Never Know When It Breaks

09. All Is Now

10. Wide Eyes At Villains

11. As The Shadows Form








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