Lewis Del Mar: When Industry and Nature Collide

Aesthetic Living to Spark Inventive Tunes

Lewis Del Mar Self-Titled EP

Unique Sound:

Seizing the interest of music society, “Loud(y)” track release caught the media by storm.

“Best indie rock song of 2015” – Indie Shuffle.

“Best of 2015” – iTunes.

                              “Songs to know for 2016” – SIRIUS Alt Nation.

Every single track on Lewis Del Mar’s debut EP made it to the #1 spot on Hype Machine. Read on to discover the inner workings of Lewis Del Mar while listening to their explosive tracks.

“Loud(y)” by Lewis Del Mar:

The acoustic guitar cries out with soulful meaning backed by lyrics. Unusual indie-rock morphs with blues-rock and industrial samples. Lewis Del Mar’s ability to wrap track is paradoxical. Static, clattering teamed with key percussion introduce metamorphic riffs, peppered with piano-key elegance. An aesthetic igniter for many sensory stimulants, “Loud(y)” shakes up the natural guitar with amped artificial electric jolts. Mind blown!

“A clattering, profane, mixed-media anthem” – NY Times.

Danny Miller and Max Harwood came together to form Lewis Del Mar – however, they left an old band behind that they note is irrelevant. Emilee Lindner said, “This isn’t a diss – in fact, without the band, they admit that they never would’ve gotten to Lewis Del Mar, the percussive, clattering, salty-and-sweet collaboration that nabbed them dozens of record deal offers after releasing just one song…” (Noisey). While conducting the band’s first ever interview, Lindner noted that the duo speaks almost like one person and describes their unique sound as: “beats-driven, sample-heavy, bold-voiced mix of electronic and acoustic sounds…” (Noisey). A key shift was swapping the electric guitar with an acoustic one. …but there are a plethora of ingredients that concoct the momentum created by Lewis Del Mar. Narrowing it down to one instrument could never be enough.

Describing Lewis Del Mar’s pioneering sound, Daniel Topete said, “…a mix of acoustic guitar, mixed media samples and Latin American-inspired drums…” (Billboard). In an interview, Miller said, “For us, the Rockaways really worked into the aesthetic of the project and the music. We had to live it to make it come to life. It was a sacrifice … the isolation is a lot of what bred the sound” and Harwood noted the importance of retaining previous blues-rock, live drums, and industrial sample sounds (Billboard). Harwood said, “It’s like the natural world meeting the industrial world, and it kind of embodied what we were going for sonically” (Billboard).

“Malt Liquor” by Lewis Del Mar:

“Gripping and imaginative in more ways

than one” – Consequence of Sound.

Lindner quoted Danny on their musical beginnings – Danny noted these moments as the best and worst of their lives: “…Max and I were out in Rockaway keying into something that was deeply personal and expressing a lot of things in, what we thought was, the right way for the first time in our lives” (Noisey). Lewis Del Mar was creating music while struggling with everyday life as bar-backs or waiters, in isolation from their natural surroundings. All while listening to the ocean’s urging to incorporate organic mellow tones inside electronic harshness. Invoking Odysseus and John Milton in “Wave(s),” Lewis Del Mar illustrates an intoxicating suggestion to experience life and chose one’s own way; he said, “I woke up in the waves, listening to your laughter – the Odyssey sixth chapter – you were still naked…whispering paradise ain’t lost” Failure is just a prison one can escape from with enough effort.

“Wave(s)” by Lewis Del Mar:

“Buzziest band of 2016” – Nylon.

Lewis Del Mar is no stranger to bending musical madness. The unmentioned band above was not their only project as they have been collaborating on music since they were in the sixth grade (Noisey). Over the years, they have experimented with genre. Dipping from jam-band-rock, Lewis Del Mar realized they had to create their own sound. Noted on iTunes as raw and definitive, listeners rage for “this sweet groovy intense hard-hitting music.” They simply could not function in labeled genre. Lewis Del Mar is a connected duo of artists willing to shape their own sound out of diverse playing fields to arrive at their inventive locale. Michelle Geslani noted the twists in “Memories,” she said, “…gripping and imaginative in more ways than one. The percussion crackles and jolts, while the lithe vocals perform an acrobatic routine – one minute grooving with richness and soul, the next reaching for the skies with a heavenly falsetto” (CoS).

“Memories” by Lewis Del Mar:

Album Info:

Lewis Del Mar released 15 Jan 2016 and is available on iTunes for only $5.16 or $1.29 per track. Click HERE to purchase via iTunes.

“One of the top acts to see in 2015” – CMJ

Even more true for 2016. Lewis Del Mar will be in Philly tomorrow and NYC on 4/20! Click HERE to view and purchase tickets via SongKick.

Tour Dates:

4/14 Philadelphia, PA Boot & Saddle

4/20 New York, NY Bowery Ballroom

4/21 Washington, DC Black Cat

4/24 Boston, MA Great Scott

5/18 Utrecht, NL DICE @ Pandora

5/19 Brighton, UK The Great Escape Festival

5/24 London, UK The Lexington

5/25 Liverpool, UK Studio 2

5/27 Manchester, UK Dot to Dot Festival

5/28 Bristol, UK Dot to Dot Festival

5/29 Nottingham, UK Dot to Dot Festival

5/31 Paris, FR Les Etoiles

6/4 Houston, TX Free Press Summer Festival

6/6 Dallas, TX The Granada Theater * SOLD OUT

6/7 Austin, TX Stubbs * SOLD OUT

6/10 St. Louis, MO The Ready Room *

6/11 Louisville, KY Headliners Music Hall *

6/13 Cleveland, OH Beachland Ballroom *

6/14 Buffalo, NY The Waiting Room *

7/17 Kansas City, KS Children’s Mercy Park (KRBZ show)

7/18 Oklahoma City, OK Criterion Theater +

7/21 Omaha, NE Sokol Auditorium +

7/22 St. Louis, MO The Pageant +

7/24 Detroit, MI Mo Pop

7/26 Milwaukee, WI Turner Hall Ballroom *

7/27 Minneapolis, MN First Avenue * SOLD OUT

7/29 Chicago, IL Lollapalooza (main stage)

* w/ BØRNS

+ w/ Glass Animals



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