Lizzo – “Humanize”



Minneapolis based hip-hop/R&B artist Lizzo has just premiered a cool, but sunshiney new single “Humanize” (which can be listened to below via SoundCloud) which will be on her upcoming album Big GRRRL Small World that comes out on December 11th via Totally Gross National Product.

The start of “Humanize” sounds almost like a bubble gum R&B song you might have heard out of the early 60’s, but it quickly transitions into a more modern sounding groove. In a strange way the production done by BJ Burton makes the song sound cool and refreshing, yet filled with copious amounts of pleasant warmth at the same time. Pitchfork goes into further detail, saying:

When she pulls up and the song really begins, “Humanize”, which is about cautious optimism, booms forth with clarity. It’s like if Sharon Jones made a song with Mike WiLL. By the end her voice will soar but it begins featherlight, collapsing into the pillowy thump of an 808. The hook triggers a series of crash cymbal explosions, nudging the ostensible tension of “Humanize” toward triumph, but it’s the bridge—desolate and unmoored amidst the happiness—that gives Lizzo’s pleasant banger a, uh, human edge.

This is a great tune to listen to if you’re looking for something that is a head turning blend of old school and new. Let yourself be enveloped in its fascinating presence.


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