Love Askling on SoundCloud


“Alleyway” by Love Askling

Track Review:

I came across Love Askling – artist on the rise – on SoundCloud and could not stop listening to his fresh track “Alleyway.” Mixing and mastering musical tracks from home, Love Askling notes himself as “a 19-year-old bedroom musician” from Sweden (SoundCloud). “Alleyway” brings fresh indie-rock sounds and strong guitar direction. With shakers and keyboard effects, Love Askling arranges edgy riffs with metaphoric meaning. He says, “..She walks and she talks, she looks into a mirror and says she can’t see any clearer.” Even though his heroine is putting herself out in the world and presenting her own internal view, she looks at herself as if nothing fits together. Striding through life’s alleyway, a person takes what they can to be real – always unsure of what is able to be seen.


“Freja” by Love Askling

Deep intones of longing and connection resonate in Love Askling’s melodic track “Freja.” Ghostly beauty lingers around solving individual issues and searching for a way to thaw one’s burdens. Love Askling harkens back to ingrained direction, wondering if ancient Goddesses still hear and see the human experience.


Shout to Sources: SoundCloud, YouTube, @love_askling