Low Cut Connie Announce New Album Hi Honey To Be Released April 21

Low Cut Connie return with new album Hi Honey, available April 21st via Contender Records.

“Piano-slapping rock-n-roll with a drunk-ass punk-rock spirit – like Jerry Lee Lewis if he’d had his first religious experience at a Replacements show.”Rolling Stone

“Low Cut Connie rips shit up.”Robert Christgau, the Dean of American Rock Critics

After critical acclaim for their first two Low Cut Connie records — 2011’s Get Out the Lotion and 2012’s Call Me Sylvia — songwriters Adam Weiner and Dan Finnemore dug deeper into crafting songs that would make the kids feel free, weird, and dirty.

Weiner, Finnemore, James Everhart (lead guitar) and Will Donnelly (bass, drums, etc.) teamed up with renowned producer Thomas Brenneck and many other incredible guest artists to create and produce Hi Honey in Brooklyn.

Hi Honey Track Listing

1. Who The Hell Is Tina?

2. Shake It Little Tina

3. Diane (Don’t Point That Thing At Me)

4. Back In School

5. Me N Annie

6. Taste So Good

7. Dickie’s Bringin Me Down

8. Danny’s Outta Money

9. Little Queen Of New Orleans

10. Dumb Boy

11. The Royal Screw

12. Somewhere Along The Avenue

13. Both My Knees

Stream “Shake It Little Tina”:

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