Lust For Youth – “Better Looking Brother”



Need a bit of 80’s dance style tunes in your life? Swedish based group Lust For Youth has what you want with their mysterious and spacey new single “Better Looking Brother” (which can be listened to below via SoundCloud) which is now out to the public on Sacred Bones Records.

“Better Looking Brother” has some semi-dark over tones to it, but at the same time it keeps things moving in such a way where you can still find enough of the right kind of energy within it to be able to dance to it. It also does have enough of that kind of 80’s vibe to where even your parents could get some enjoyment out of it. Pitchfork further describes the track saying:

“Better Looking Brother” pushes both of those elements—the dourness and the danceability—to even further extremes. Stretching out to seven-and-a-half minutes, the song surrounds a sleek, pumping rhythm with spiderwebs of guitar. When Norrvide’s voice finally enters, it’s almost cartoonishly morose: “Don’t strive to be another,” he sings ruefully, “You are the better-looking brother/ We’re so unlike each other.” Four minutes in, the song vaporizes: the beat vanishes, the guitars collapse, and strange synths crowd the frame like muffled sirens. After a full minute, the song returns to form, and that moment is genuinely jarring, as if Norrvide is inventing a way to make the two halves of his career co-exist within a single song.

That being said, for those who enjoy both profound lyrics and moving sounds, this should suit your playlist just fine.


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