March Review – Top Ten Rap-Mixtapes

Re-Cap: Favorite March Mixtapes 2016

TinyMixTapes’ music reviewers put a list together at the beginning of the month to re-cap the prior month’s noteworthy releases. I’ve added tracks to the list. Click HERE to view TinyMixTapes’ March Favs and read the TMT writer’s input with artist/track breakdown.

Top Ten of March 2016

1.  Lil Yachty – Lil Boat

2.  Kamaiyah – A Good Night in the Ghetto

3.  Young Thug – Slime Season Three

4.  Kap-G – El Southside

5.  Denzel Curry – Imperial

6.  Azealia Banks – Slay-Z

7.  Oddisee – Alwasta

8.  Steff Marvin – Somewhere Further Than Here

9.  Elucid – Osage

10. Sasha Go Hard – The Realest I Know


Shout to Sources: Tiny Mix Tapes, SoundCloud


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