Megadeth – “Fatal Illusion”


Thrash metal Big Four pillar Megadeth have just premiered a thundering guitar solo packed single “Fatal Illusion” (which can be listened to below via YouTube) that will be on their upcoming 15th studio album “Dystopia” which will be out on January 22, 2016 via Universal.

After trying a more pop rock route with their previous album “Super Collider”, front man Dave Mustaine decided it was once again time for the band to return to its thrash metal roots. This seems to be pretty reflective in “Fatal Illusion”; which offers up a similar sound to the classic “Rust in Peace” era over tones from the early 90’s. Ultimate Classic Rock further goes into detail saying:

Judging from the blisteringly paced, guitar solo-packed “Fatal Illusion,” age and experience don’t seem to have mellowed Mustaine yet, thank goodness. As he told Revolver magazine about the band’s new music: “There’s a lot of riffing going on in there, that’s for damn sure. There’s a lot of solos, a lot of pounding drums and bass. I knew from the start that I wanted to go back to my roots, and I wanted to make a thrash record.”

“Fatal Illusion” seems to give the album a bit of promise, but we’ll have to reserve judgment until we can hear more once the album is released.



Joshua Leep
Joshua Leep
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