Menace Beach – “Holidays Are Heavy”



Looks like it’s almost that time of year again where we see Santa, Frosty, and all kinds of other holiday related images all over the place. That being said, if you usually don’t have a very easy time with the holidays you are going to need some music to help get you through it. Menace Beach empathizes with you and has released a song “Holidays Are Heavy” that will be on a split single with Cowtown via Memphis Industries.

The guitar melodies sound rough and raw, but they have enough melody and edge to them to make the song sound like it is basically a heavier version of a 60’s pop rock song. It has a bit of that garage/psychedelic feel that bands like Cream had in certain ways. The lyrics are relateable, yet they aren’t completely cynical either. Stereogum goes into further detail, saying:

After a few EPs and a full-length, the Leeds band has a firm handle on how to wring emotion out of every lick, and they build up a nice little squall here that’s easy and enjoyable to get lost in.

Enjoy getting wrapped up in this soon to be holiday classic. It might not give you the same warm fuzzy feels traditional songs might, but it will definitely resonate with you.