Miike Snow – “Genghis Kahn”



Stockholm, Sweden based indie pop rock trio Miike Snow have been building up steam lately since they got back into the swing of making music again. The group has just released a head bobbing new single “Genghis Kahn” (which can be listened to below via YouTube) that will be on their upcoming third album “iii” that comes out next year on March 4th via Downtown Records.

“Genghis Kahn” is bouncy, yet it has some dark undertones that will make you intrigued enough to look a little deeper into the song than just feeling the beat and moving along to it. The bass and more minor key aspects of the melody certainly adds to that effect. It also uses scat in a fun way too. Noisey goes into further detail, saying:

To go even further, the group released a brand new single today titled “Genghis Khan,” off of their upcoming album iii. It features booming synth hits, and a melt of different vocals layering over each other, making the track another certified banger.

“Genghis Kahn” definitely seems to be more than just your average pop song. The rest of the album should hopefully be of the same caliber.