Miley Cyrus Goes Topless To Prove You Wrong

Celebrity buddy/photographer, wannabe Andy Warhol and notorious creeper, Terry Richardson, shot Miley Cyrus in all kinds of sexy ways because, fuck you, why not?

Taken advantage of the “bad girl” timing of this PR stunt, her appearance next weekend on Saturday Night Live, end of her celebrity relationship and all the crap her marketing team keeps spewing out, Miley Cyrus decided to go all the way. It’s like, oh my god, you guys, it’s all we talk about!

It’s funny how the entertainment industry has so little to talk about that she can just about get all the attention she needs to rebrand herself. Case in point: this post right here. I wonder what the kids that grew up with Hanna Montana think about this. At this point all I hope is for her first born to be called Death Ray Cyrus and I think I’m going to get it right…

Now, what you have to take from this is: at least you don’t have to think about the government shutdown for 15 minutes.

Shit, I’m sorry, I just ruined it for you. Here take a cookie.
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