Recent Album Release: Tindersticks- The Waiting Room
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Recent Album Release: Tindersticks- The Waiting Room


Tindersticks, a dark and soulful English indie rock band from Nottingham (1991) has released their eleventh album titled The Waiting Room which will be followed by a massive tour February- May 2016.Their music has been featured in television programs such as The Sopranos, Eastbound and Down, and Brotherhood. The group’s sound is interesting, chamber rock rooted in lounge, soul and baroque pop behind familiar, upfront vocals by frontman Stuart Staples.

The new album can be appreciated as a sum of it’s parts, overall moody and down-tempo. Although, it is considered to be one of the band’s more colorful, eclectic works. One track,The Fear of Emptiness, is interesting. It starts off slightly creepy and dark, which seems to be an ongoing theme for Tindersticks. Eventually, the track ascends into a lighter, fairy tale like baroque-pop with flutey pitches and soprano piano notes. Other tracks, such as Like Only Lovers Can, sit on the back of that pallet with a slightly jazzy tone, making for a softer, slower, swaying feeling. In all, it is undeniable that  The Waiting Room is an example of the Tindersticks talented composition.

Check out the Tindersticks and their new album, here on Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Or check out one of their upcoming shows, on one of these dates.

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Written by Danielle Giles

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