New Orleans Soul in ZigZag Moon with Alexis Marceaux

“Tin Town (feat. Alexis Marceaux)”

by ZigZag Moon from

The Marigny Sessions:

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1.  Track Review:

Shrouded in jazz and funky with blues, ZigZag Moon brings the hot musical soul of New Orleans in “Tin Town (feat. Alexis Marceaux).” Marceaux’s clear, beautiful vocals linger through seedy underworld possibilities of the French Quarter. The vocals of “Tin Town” depict the struggles people face in NOLA – there are many artists, but there are also many homeless. “I don’t want go down there tonight…You got me wandering around, this town is breaking me…This town is taking me up, but now its wearing me down…” Those streets that one does not want to go to are noted as “grey, foggy, deadly slow,” but the lyrics lead there – to a life the vocalist is not proud of, a shame she’ll keep secret. ZigZag Moon is a great arrangement of instrumentation with Marceaux’s moving vocals, tinkling keys and guitar strings played by Janne Lundberg, percussion elements from Wolf, Travis Blotsky’s directive brass incorporates energy, and the elegant sway added by Marc Paradis on cello. ZigZag Moon brings the momentum of New Orleans together in their second album The Marigny Sessions.

2.  Album Release:

The Marigny Sessions released on 10 May 2016 and is available on BandCamp for <Name Your Price>. The three tracks are also available separately. Click HERE to purchase through BandCamp.


3.  Tour Dates:

~Unknown~ ZigZag Moon does not have any posted information available as to where they are performing. However, Jane & Wolf offer “…thanks to everyone involved in this project. Special thanks to Rick Nelson…” (BandCamp).


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