“Not a one” by The young wild will have you enthusiastically chanting along

Southern California band The Young Wild recently released their new single “not a one” along with it’s accompanying music video. The song itself has a great indie pop/ rock feel, as such  it is very easy to love and jam to. However though the song is simple, it’s theme is quiet complex in the manner that it explores  the idea of falling for someone or something that everyone around you disapproves of, or being part of anything that maybe misunderstood or criticized. The music video for this hit “not a one” is extremely minimalistic but works to emphasize the theme of going against the norm, in the way that it is a performance piece where each person was filmed separately and made an interpretation of the song without being aware of what the other performers would be doing(not a one of them does the  same movement), and as such were unafraid of being judged  for doing something different. Singer and songwriter Bryan B. William explained. “When we combined each shot into one environment you get all of these movements and ideas working with and against each other. As far as ‘single shot’ videos go we think it holds up.”

Now I don’t know abut you but I was enthralled by the clappers synchronization!
If you are digging this new single make sure to visit The Young Wild’s website and sound cloud to find out about their U.S. tour dates and to hear more.



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