Pansy Division’s “Quite Contrary”


Queercore: also known as “homocore”; a movement that came out of the 1980s as a result of the ostracization of LGBT+ groups due to the AIDS epidemic. This movement is expressed through a DIY style comprised of original punk-based music, films, and artwork with themes regarding gender identity and sexual interest.

One of the biggest groups that came out of this movement was Pansy Division, a queer punk band that sang about LGBT+ themes. In the 90s, this group released six albums and went on tour before slowing down, and now, they only release an album every few years. Their last album came out in 2009: That’s So Gay. This album comprised the best of the queercore movement’s mosaic of cultures into fourteen electrifying tracks. But, years have passed. In fact, seven whole years have passed. And now, they’re releasing another album.

“Quite Contrary” album cover,  featuring the same couple from their 1996 album cover for “Wish I’d Taken Pictures”.

Quite Contrary, which is set to release on September 9th, 2016, is a mash up of homosexual problems in fourteen deliciously anticipated tracks. Lucky for us, they have released a preview of their coming album with the song “He’s Trouble”. The song tells of an infectious man whose seemingly negative qualities only bring charm…and trouble. A breath of fun, fresh air in the midst of the monotone, Pansy Division seems to have done it again. “He’s Trouble” only sets the anticipation for the highly-awaited album soaring, and September can’t come any sooner.

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