PC Music Announces First Ever Live Event at Official SXSW Showcase

PC Music, a record label and music making collective run by producer A.G. Cook, received a lot of attention in 2014.  Sophie, who is closely associated with the label, dropped two singles and teamed up with A.G. Cook for a different kind of side project known as QT, who will present a brand new stage show in anticipation of the release of her new single for XL Recordings .  Not to mention there was article after article after article after article to read up on this mysterious new collective.  Now they will have their own showcase at SXSW (RSVP info to come soon) for the first time with their full roster on the same bill.  The SXSW showcase announcement comes with the release of a brand new song from PC Music leading lights A. G. Cook and Hannah Diamond, called Drop FM. The track’s abundant energy and flamboyance is just a flavor of what’s to come.  Listen below:



Lunar Isles – In Any Other


Inner Wave – Mystery


Ovlov – Strokes

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