Performance Picks: Adult Sex Ed, Cinco de Star Wars, and More

Performance Picks: Adult Sex Ed, Cinco de Star Wars, and More


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Adult Sex Ed
Thursday, May 2 at Caveat, 9 pm: $15 advance, $20 doors

Think back to the sex education you received growing up, if you got any at all. Was it comprehensive, engaging, or useful? It’s more than likely the answer to all three of those is a resounding “no.” I’m not exactly sure how similar Dani Faith Leonard’s salacious storytelling show Adult Sex Ed is to a traditional educational experience, but it will certainly be more entertaining. Leonard assembles an evening that combines personal anecdotes, sketch comedy, and yes, real actual lessons on sexuality. Tonight’s show focuses on sex’s representation on television, and features Narcos actor Michael Stahl-David, The Romanoffs actor Mike Doyle, comedians Anita Flores and Ayanna Dookie, and more.


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Paid Protest
Friday, May 3 at Mayday Space, 7 pm: $10 suggested donation

This past Wednesday was May Day, which is simultaneously a whimsical and witchy celebration of spring and a socialist and communist day of empowering workers. You’re going to get more of the latter vibe at the latest Paid Protest, a monthly comedy show to benefit the NYC Democratic Socialists of America at yes, a venue literally named Mayday Space. This time, they’re raising cash for the DSA’s EcoSocialist Working Group, and performers Rob Haze, Nasser Khan, Brittany Carney, Jeff Scheen, and Caitlin Peluffo will be helping them do it. Also, please don’t be that guy who says he doesn’t possibly have the funds to donate and swiftly proceeds to buy four drinks. It’s not a good look.


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Live! From Snackland
Saturday, May 4 at Babycastles, 8:30 pm: $5-10 sliding scale

If laughing makes you hungry, you’d fit right in at Live From Snackland, a recurring comedy show hosted by Josh Nasser and Ethan Beach that is also a cooking show. Hey, both words start with c, don’t they? The show is doing double duty this time around, celebrating both Star Wars Day (if you need a reminder: “May the Fourth be with you”) and Cinco de Mayo by cooking, obviously, Star Wars-themed Mexican food, with help from guest chef Jake Letizia. In addition to this interesting task, there will also be performances by Sam Taggart, Caroline Doyle, Jenny Nelson, and Megan Patsel.


(flyer courtesy of Hannah Marias)

Sunday, May 5 at Bedlam, 7 pm: FREE

Drag and comedy have a lot more in common than you might think. Sure, lip-syncing is one thing and making jokes into a microphone is another, but both involve parading around for the audience’s amusement and usually striving to make them laugh using absurd tactics. This Sunday, you can see drag and comedy together on one stage at the start of the weekly show Delish, hosted by comedian Philip Sparkle and drag performer Golden Delicious. There’ll be drag, comedy, tunes both humorous and not, and regular doses of good, queer fun. The show’s first week kicks off with Zach Teague, Josh Sharp, Sam Morrison, Rachel Kaly, and Jax.

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