Places to Hide Announces Final Album

Places to Hide"vocalist Kyle Swick performing at the Tin Roof. Photo courtesy of Places to Hide.

In 2011, a group of four friends decided to come together for a simple purpose, to make music. Characterized by a “fuzzy and sentimental” indie pop/punk sound, Atlanta based band Places to Hide started out playing some different local events, before recording their first EP, “Getting Old” in March 2012. In 2013, after a successful $1,586 Kickstarter campaign, they released their first official LP, “Almost Nothing”.

The track that started it all.

Now, it seems the indie band has decided to move on. With the unveiling of the titular track of their next album “Strange Lyfe” came the not-so-subtle announcement that this would be their final album. (Source)

The group has not commented on this announcement as of yet, but have released the official video for “Strange Lyfe”, a sentimental celebration of the group’s unique sound. As Brooklyn Vegan writer Andrew Sacher explains,

Their sound has always been part driving melodic punk, part apathetic indie rock, and the album’s title track leans more towards the latter, sounding like Lou Reed via Pavement.

The video “Strange Lyfe”  can be seen below.