Pom Poms – “Betty”


Grammy nominated producer Billy Mohler and singer/songwriter Marlene Gold have formed a delightfully retro sounding project called Pom Poms whose first single “Betty” just premiered for streaming exclusively on Noisey today. The single itself will be fully available on October 23rd via Square Foot Records.

Putting this song will take you back in time about 50 years to those high school dances your parents (or probably grandparents) went to. Personally it reminds me of my youth when I would listen to the oldies station non-stop and would hear all the classic croons. The rhythm and melodies will make you sway all around the room and you will become entirely lost in the beauty of the music. Noisey further described the song saying:

Pom Poms is the new collaboration between vocalist/songwriter Marlene Gold and Grammy-nominated producer Billy Mohler. The LA-based duo share a flare for the dramatic and a passion for esoteric film scores. That’s a killer recipe for a full-bodied debut single like “Betty,” a song that feels like sitting down to watch a rerun of Grease on cable and then switching to Pulp Fiction halfway through.

The Noisey description is a pretty apt one. I could see “Betty” being used in either film or maybe even in a whole new one altogether.

Joshua Leep
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