Pop. 1280 – “Pyramids on Mars”


pop 1280

Industrial pop band Pop. 1280 have just put out a new dirge of a single “Pyramids on Mars” (which can be listened to below via SoundCloud) which will be on their upcoming album “Paradise” that comes out on January 22nd, 2016 via Sacred Bones Records.

“Pyramids of Mars” has that dystopian 80’s sci-fi kind of feel to it. Something where you’re watching some big, grand, elaborate dark set while something heavily important to the plot is going on. As the song progresses however it has a bit more of a 90’s/early 2000’s feel as well. You just have to listen for the subtle changes in the overall vibe. Pitchfork goes into further detail, saying:

“”Pyramids on Mars”, from the forthcoming Paradise, is a fine addition to the band’s growing reserve of low-RPM dirges. Oily smears of keyboard and flamethrower guitars trade segues with skeletal, synthesized percussion, as though the song were on tiptoe, circling a heaving, insomniatic monster. Meanwhile, Bug’s deadbeat Matrix poetry—fragmented, possibly Oedipal—arrives in gasps so dry that you don’t realize how deeply you’re invested until swarms of effects refract his impotent snarl. The chorus could be an exclamation or a question, but the wounded befuddlement in Bug’s tone will be familiar to anyone worried that the world we know is spinning out of control.”

“Pyramids on Mars” is definitely an interesting journey to go on. Soon enough you’ll feel like you’re in the future.