The Power of Friendship – Bev Zizzy makes Modern Jazz Shine


“What a Friend Does” by Bev Zizzy:

Track Review:

Rolling with modern-jazz energies, “What a Friend Does” harnesses the positives found in friendship. Zizzy wraps music with experience. Here, she shows that the support of one’s friends assists in solving daily struggles of life. Bev Zizzy’s redirected-modern-jazz and velvet vocals display the evolving attributes of genre. So…what does a friend do?


“…get you through the night.”

“…try to make it right.”

“…help you stay strong.”

“…keep you from the edge.”

“…let you be a bitch.”

“…listen when you’re wrong.”


Single Release:

“What a Friend Does” released 13 May 2016. Click HERE to purchase on iTunes. The track is part of Zizzy’s upcoming June album release. 13 Tracks 13 Musicians – Lucky 13. Watch for updates – Punchland interviewed Bev to discover how she captures and shares the soul of music. MTK.


Humanitarian Skills:

Bev supports community efforts and contributes to numerous charitable organizations. Click HERE to see benefiting charities. In efforts to better community, Zizzy works through music’s transformative method with education, benefit concerts, food banks, Gala fundraising, and medical research foundations.


Shout to Sources:  iTunes, @BevZizzy, YouTube