Powers – “Hot”



Pop duo Powers, who have written songs for Selena Gomez in the past have now just put out a new single that pretty much describes itself: “Hot” (which can be listened to below via SoundCloud) which will be on their upcoming EP “Legendary” via Republic Records on October 23rd.

“Hot” definitely makes you feel like you’re dancing to a hot new track in a club, yet at the same time it has enough of a disco feel to it that even folks who are a little older might be able to get their groove on to it. It’s a song that can be cranked from speakers at top volume to pound your chest with its deep intense rhythm. Noisey goes into further detail, saying:

The duo, who’ve written for Selena Gomez in the past, have knocked it out of the park again with “Hot,” premiering above.

A tune that somehow manages to smack both of sweaty times on a disco-dazzled dance floors and yacht cruising in the Caribbean with a caipirinha in hand. I’d take either of those situation right now tbqh.

Next time you’re hosting some big party at your pad or need something for your club, look no further. You’ve got it right here.