Puro Instinct Album Release and Track Review


“Tell Me” by Puro Instinct from Autodrama


Track Review:

Tagged on SoundCloud as #DreamPop, Puro Instinct reignites the release board this year with a new LP release – Autodrama. “Tell Me” is dreamy indeed, with upbeat drum direction and poetic lyrical verses. She says, “Tell me who you are tonight / I will never make you cry / Come with me and don’t ask about tomorrow…” Love is able to weave an alternate reality in which worries and design should be shrugged off. Let the chemistry weave the heart into adventure and intrigue. The concept of “Tell me who you are tonight” suggests that each individual can be who they want to be, one can shape the self – love can change a person. Chris said, “The lush, shimmery lead single ‘Tell Me’ hints at these shadowy themes, as the subtle groove is on some classy, almost quiet-storm-y ‘80s vibes, while Piper’s haunting dusky vocals extend a fiery, breathless plea to a prospective lover” (GorillavsBear).

Album Release:

Autodrama is set to release on 24 June 2016 on Manifesto.

Tour Dates:

Puro Instinct performed twice in February 2016, in California, but they currently do not have any scheduled shows. Surely…something must be in the works – MTF.


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