Rabit Announces New EP

Rabit, the Houston-based producer has announced his latest LP Baptizm which will be out March 17th via Tri Angle Records alongside the release of his lead single “Bloody Eye.” Baptizm is a record of 2 halves, the ornate, gothic waltz of “Imp” and “Hex” grinding against the pounding mechanical violence displayed on “Bloody Eye” and “Straps”. On an emotional level Baptizm is about having one’s life thrown completely out of order and finding solace in an imagined world with themes of destruction and regeneration. Over the past 2 years, he’s developed a reputation within underground by his acclaimed 12” releases and mixtapes alongside collaborations with producers including Mumdance, Logos, and Janus crew. Last fall his single “Black Dragons” became a hit amongst the British grime scene. With this, he’s was featured in FADER’s List of Artists to Watch in 2014.

Listen to Bloody Eye below & follow Rabit on Twitter.



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