RAC (Remix Artist Collective) – “Falling Hard” feat. Madi Diaz

RAC (Remix Artist Collective) released an original number last Friday, “Falling Hard” featuring synth pop artist Madi Diaz. For this single, RAC mastermind André Allen Anjos seems to be channeling equal parts beat-driven dance music and the noir synth sound of Johnny Jewel.

With an opening that sounds like an 8-bit interpretation of the “Nightcall” theme from Drive, RAC venture into a fresh sonic territory of chilly synthpop. Through a moody bass and a maximalist pop trajectory, the track is a densely-packed pop number with numerous vocal effects and a giant chorus. Yet under all that chaos, the track’s production carries a cooly frozen sound that never lets Madi Diaz’s vocals get lost in the turbulent track as she sings about the cold alienation of love.

Compared to their last single, “Back of the Car,” which suspiciously sounded like indie rock’s response to Luke Bryan, RAC’s “Falling Hard” takes the listener to a different, and probably better, direction with its sound.

Listen to it below:



Juke the Tiger – Dancetoon


Hala – Feels Like Yesterday


Indigo De Souza – Hold U


Elita – Sour Switchblade

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