Rangda – “To Melt the Moon”


In their new single “Melt the Moon” (which can be listened to below via SoundCloud) Rangda melts not just the moon, but faces as well with their creative world influenced brand of quick guitar picking. “Melt the Moon” is the main single from the band’s upcoming album “The Heretic’s Bargain” which comes out on February 19th via Drag City.

“Melt the Moon” has an unmistakably 1960’s psychedelic vibe to it. All of the eastern and North African folk guitar scales and elements that come into play shine through in such a way where you would honestly think you were listening to something a bit more obscure from that era. Pitchfork goes into further detail, saying:

Chasny and Corsano play off one another, deft in places and hefty in others. Sometimes they gather the song and group together for moments of sublime, sparkling tension and relaxing; in others, they let Bishop’s guitar whirl colorfully. It is an absolute joy to listen to. “To Melt the Moon” is effervescent—masters not at work, but at play.

If you’re a guitar player and looking for a unique fresh source of inspiration, this is definitely a good place to get started.


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