Review: Andrew Reed – If All the World Were Right

Review: Andrew Reed – If All the World Were Right

“If All The World Were Right” finds Andrew Reed in the middle of a crisis. His thoughts are scattered, dreaming up grand illusions of a better and “right” world.

The song itself is a good single, with uplifting guitars, a reverberating chorus behind Reed, and a gritty, sludgy guitar solo to bring the whole track home. One of the best things about this song is the sheer fact that the lyrics are personal. Simple and sincere, Reed hits a notes of 90’s alt rock charisma, rarely finding any flaw throughout the album.

“Sailed Away” is a boat ballad… kick back and relax vibes. The piano really shines here, with the acoustic guitar playing perfectly against interlocked drum rolls. Reed, at least here sounds like a warmer and friendlier Bono. He laments about his pain but keeps it fun, deciding to sail away instead of sulking about like so many artists often do.

There is differently a late 70’s songwriter feel in Andrew’s tunes, with tracks like “Life In the City” boasting a mix of lowlight Chicago jazz and slowburning guitar rock. The Sax solo is first rate too, amazing buildup for such a short time spent playing.

If you’ve looking for lyrics that carry as well as the music behind them, definitely pick this one up. Andrew Reed’s If All The World Were Right is a great start to 2018. Fresh instrumentation included.

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