Review: Dannika – For Peaches


Vertical (HI RES)

Releasing on Monday, May 16th is Melbourne native Dannika’s debut EP, For Peaches via Solitaire Records.

To pre-order Dannika’s EP, you can go to their Bandcamp here.

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. Saint Kilda Sunrise
  2. Next To You
  3. Cake
  4. Goodbye Darling

For Peaches is raw in the most effective way – lo-fi instrumentation, vulnerable vocals, and authentic construction. It’s hard not to close your eyes and sink right into the lyrics. Starting with “Saint Kilda Sunrise,” it’s soft and honest as the refrain of Saint Kilda Sunrise repeats with the calm of lulling vocals, begging the listener to visualize the sun break through the night. The single, “Next To You,” written with the fellows from Good Morning, continues with a pleading, persistent intimacy, depicting the incomparable feeling of waking up next to the person you love. This is achieved through smoldering guitar hums and vocals that are like morning whispers – charming and familiar. “Cake” changes the tempo slightly, evocative of the feeling of falling in love, becoming enchanted, with simple beating of drums like a heartbeat, “Cause if you love me then I kiss you.” The final track, “Goodbye Darling,” is a somber outro, a genuine lament that attaches to listeners with its empathetic simplicity. Ultimately, the EP only runs about 12 minutes, but it’s worth every second if you are looking for something pure and full of heart.


Listen to the single, “Next to You,” below:
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