Radiohead Releases “Daydreaming,” Leaves Fans Wondering What to Expect

Radiohead, without warning, has dropped another new single “Daydreaming.” It’s no surprise the whole world is reveling over the most recent Radiohead releases – a sign of a new album, new tour, and ultimately, new content. But what does the most recent single, “Daydreaming,” give fans as far as a sneak peek on what to expect for the upcoming record?

“Daydreaming” is hauntingly atmospheric and minimalist, something we have always known Radiohead to embrace. The backing instrumentation is numbing in an calming kind of way, with a light but intense gravity in its small crescendos. It is as if the listener is constantly waiting for something to explode in the sound as the music gets progressively more intense, but our ears are shorted this experience; and it’s so satisfying.

With this track, what can we maybe expect from the new album?

A concept album on the rise.

It’s not unusual for Radiohead to do some wacky, unexpected things with storytelling, Kid A being the ultimate subversion of the idea of a “concept” record. Judging by the amount of care in this upcoming release, it is possible a story is forming right in front of us.

New album, new sound.

With the experimentation in sound from King of Limbs, getting a new aura from their upcoming record would not be unexpected. Radiohead’s sound has evolved over the years, though keeping the intrinsic charm we like. The new LP could produce some unfamiliar instrumentation mixed with Yorke’s voice.

Themes of emptiness and “Dead Air Space.”

After the stunt Radiohead pulled earlier this week, eliminating all social media presence, one cannot help but question the intent behind this act. Although this could have just been a publicity stunt in order to get fans predicting the imminent release of a record, there are numerous methods to execute this. So, why would Radiohead choose to do it in this way if it were not relevant?

High highs, or low lows.

Since fans have waited so long for their newest full-length LP, it is understandable to have some high expectations. Radiohead surely knows this. This new record of their will either live up to the hype, being one of their biggest releases in years, or undermine the excitement with albeit great record, just not as ground-breaking as we might expect.

More surprises as opposed to no surprises.

Radiohead has never been predictable, so it seems a bit unjust to attempt to pin them down. Each album has its own character and story. The new album won’t be any different. There will definitely be more shocks than easily predictable aspects as the band moves forward.

Listen to “Daydreaming” here –

Listen to their first release for the new album, “Burn the Witch” –


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