Review: Dino Jag – Two Young Hearts

There is a certain barroom quality to Dino Jag’s music. With wailing guitars, steady drums, and high pitched vocals, Jag delivers solid, smooth rock ‘n’ roll. His latest single, “Two Young Hearts,” sounds like it could back a commercial due to the fact it is so damn catchy. Like “Drops Of Jupiter” by way of the first Maroon 5 album.

Dino Jag has an authentic quality to his music that sounds like a late 90’s rock hit, with his voice  standing out more and more after each listen. That being said, not all people will like the brand of fun, smiley rock that Jag crafts. It is unabashedly happy, which some will find campy in a time where cynicism and sad vibes are so prevalent over airwaves.

If you like music you can belt in the car, this guy isn’t the worst option. Great vocals, stinging guitar, and an overall vibe of catchy, fun times. What’s the worst that can come from that?


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