Review – DUCKWRTH – MICHUUL. – Music Video
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Review – DUCKWRTH – MICHUUL. – Music Video

Mystery and joy abounds for the music world these days. Soon to be legend, DUCKWRTH, is making stunning headway with even more funk-hip-hop glam. This hip-hop artist somehow found a way to make the genre work for those who love it already and for those who need to be aware, ASAP. It is accessible music that succeeds by allowing the tap of the foot to become equal to the poetry within. Along with his catchy flush of tunes, his visual aesthetic only adds onto the entertainment. Musical worship is set to follow for years to come. His recent music video, MICHUUL. is a perfect example of his ambitious foray into this scene. 

Narration enters the equation, giving a justified tribute to Michael Jackson on par with the matching track title. Met with scratchy static, DUCKWRTH jumps right into a field, naturally. Right off the bat, the beat and lyrics kick in to full confusion as he glances around the wilderness looking dapper as ever in a silk top. A red floral pattern catches the eye of the viewer. The wait is on for this musician, but that doesn’t stop him from making the most of his day with his groovy choreography. What better time to get down with your bad self, than out in some nature and sunshine? Mr. DUCKWRTH owns the space and makes sure to enjoy every bit of the wide stage offered to him. His wardrobe matches his energy and bright primary colors switch out with each new atmosphere that is revealed. That’s dedication right there for fashion and artistry.

Director Lino Asana and cinematographer Jeremy Obertone use a fascinating and captivating zoom and off frame shudder that keeps the watcher entranced. With movements sudden and edited in snippets, thanks to the magic of Doug Mahoney, the flow becomes mixed in with the franticly alluring tune. It’s almost as if the viewer is there watching via their own lens trying their best to make sense of it all. Even when he is in the full solo dancing mentality, the camera drifts away and leaves him alone off screen to his business. What a clever twist.

DUCKWRTH’s lyrics match his dances with critical acclaim and hip vibes. For example, the gentleman, in a slick glide, matches his lyrics, ‘I might moonwalk on site,’ with a worthy dance of the same name. Dust and gravel clutter the road as he leaves his mark plainly on the ground. DUCKWRTH must have quite the imagination because if his mind matches his ability to kill time like this, he may be about the most entertaining person waiting out in the middle of nowhere.

Of course, the musician has his sentimental side easily flown in when the dust settles and a field of vibrant wildflowers welcome the listener. A lasting smirk on the man’s face is on brand and gives that unusual uplifting feeling a little more punch. Flowers now are the topic of focus and the camera moves along with them as DUCKWRTH handles them with stellar care.

Viewers are finally introduced to the reason for DUCKWRTH’s endless delay. It is within warm colored walls that Ashayla Harrison is disclosed. She is comfortably at home in a calm setting while Mr. DUCKWRTH continues to be oddly free yet anxious in the wild. Via a walkie-talkie, a warped version of robotic stop-motion reaches the eyes and the musician’s uneasy desire for his lady is seen. He waits all day into nightfall with a giant crescent moon being his only glimmer of hope. His silhouette is the epitome of solitary confidence with a strange sense of continuous longing tied close.

Then, out of the eerie darkness, DUCKWRTH turns into this zombie-alien that freaks the viewer out with no hesitation. However, car lights beam onto him and a dancing frenzy arrives to alleviate the mood. Clouds of dust return and the glare only enhances the movements. The dancing never stops and the world is better for it.

Could dancing in the dark be any cooler?

Jam on.

Give MICHULL. a watch and a listen below:

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Written by Myles Hunt

Music fan, simple and sweet.

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