Review: Eric Frisch – The Light Ahead

When I was sent a release to review Eric Frisch, I’ll admit I was nervous. With the amount bands passing of as indie pop, I’ve had my doubts about the genre, not to mention problems with indie rock as a whole since late 2005.

But Frisch is different in all the best ways, adding up to a Beatle-loving single that soothes and swings with reverb-doused delight. “The Light Ahead” is the type of song you could have heard at the end of a “Scrubs” episode, delivering good vibes and warm, crisp guitar work as Zach Braff smiles in the sun. David Cornejo is also a delight on the drums, keeping happiness afloat throughout the track.

“The Light Ahead” has easily become one of my favorite tracks I’ve heard this week. It’s a soundtrack tune, the kind of music that makes your life seem televised with growing novelty. I eagerly look forward to whatever Frisch will deliver next. I can only pray it’s indie pop.

P.S. I’m also a huge fan of his song “Learn to Swim.” Just wanted to clear the air if you can’t tell I like his music yet.


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