Review: Guy Grogan – Purgatorial Hearts

Review: Guy Grogan – Purgatorial Hearts

Guy Grogan makes rock music, plain and simple. This is the type of stuff you find from your top tier local garage band, with tracks like “I’m The One I Couldn’t Be” showing a distinct mix of clear harmonious breakdowns and well-timed chord progressions (as well as a certain amount of ass-kicking bliss).

“Tell Me You Name Again” is like a melodramatic 80’s rock ballad, screaming by way of distorted guitars and “yeah yeaaah yeaaaaaaah” ad-libbing. There is a Cars vibe at points, but Grogan also channels an early 2000’s alternative feeling of shining pentatonic solos and fun, breezy lyrics.

The only complaint for me is the amount of repetition the album itself has. Each track blends into the next one, but some transitions don’t always work. “That Beautiful Away” takes a bit too long to pick up and start engaging your ears, especially after such a standout track like “Tell Me Your Name Again” preceding it.

Guy Grogan has a talent for showcasing sounds of the past, as well as incorporating those influences into his music. The melodies of the music he has grown up on (which I can only assume is a mix of early Weezer and Beatles singles) show through out this record.

“Purgatorial Hearts” at it’s core sounds like Tom Petty by way of your favorite local songwriter. Guitar solos dominate alongside power chords. Definitely worth the listen.

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Written by Harrison Giza

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