Review: Jason Vitelli – Head Above Tide

Review: Jason Vitelli – Head Above Tide

The first Jason Vitelli song I heard was “The Persecuted,” a track that explores christian themes and features more-than-subtle hints of biblical verses. His music is a mix of choir and gospel romp with guitar and piano accompanying his airy voice.

“These songs coalesced around the idea of facing adversity and overcoming obstacles,” says Jason. “Over the years I’ve resolved my angst and became more sympathetic.” He says that romantic relationships, his family and friends,  as well as literature, fantasy and the religious culture surrounding him have become his personal points of reference for these stories… so there’s a heart behind his music as much as there is a message.

“Labyrinthine” is without a doubt my favorite track on the album, a track where Jason takes the most risk musically. Here, Vitelli’s combination of guitar, violin, and scattered drums help his surging vocals where his lyrics shine brightest. Vitelli creates a great moody atmosphere for a song regarding self-doubting and the forever-needed anticipation of the next day to come.

The track builds to something, only to slowly fall into a darker and acutely somber tone to close what started off as such a rambling, fun mess of a song. It feels real and sounds the same, with bassist Michael O’Brien’s mini solos as a highlight.

All in all, check out Jason Vitelli if you like songs regarding fables, religious lore, or grooving mixes of symphony and balcony gospel rock.

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Written by Harrison Giza

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