Review: Kitten Forever – 7 Hearts

Kitten Forever has just released their newest fifteen track powerhouse, 7 Hearts, and it is a lot of fun. For those wanting some contemporary riot grrrl goodies, there is no better place to look than this record.

The appeal of Kitten Forever, which is greatly exemplified in 7 Hearts, is the raw nature of the instrumentation and lyrics. They are straight-forward in their lyricism, matched with high-energy static riots which get listeners not only wanting to sing loud and proud, but scream until their vocal chords break.

The topics of the songs run the gambit — from intimacy, to deep dark depths, and everything in-between, but at the end of each track, there is an unyielding sense of community and friendship which binds both listener and musician, and that’s what makes this album from Kitten Forever so striking. They work well as a unit, you can tell that just by their music alone.

On TerrorBird concerning this album, they wrote:
Members Liz Elton, Corrie Harrigan, and Laura Larson continue Pressure’s ritual of regularly trading off on all instruments, pushing their versatility of multi-faceted songwriting and individual lyrical development.

This is so true. This record is great for messy house parties, late nights on the interstate with the windows down, or sunny afternoons in the park. The versatility and possibilities really have no boundaries.

It is released through Atlas Chair, and can be purchased on iTunes, Big Cartel, or listen to it on Bandcamp.

Kitten Forever is set to go out on tour to promote the album starting May 1st. Dates can ticket information can be found here.

Kitten Forever can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

And check out more releases by going to Atlas Chair Records.

Listen to this strong track “Temple” –


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