Review: Kygo’s “Nothing Left” is Touching and Smooth

Norweigan DJ/record producer Kygo. Photo courtesy of Kygo

Norweigan DJ/record producer Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll, AKA Kygo has partnered with South London singer/sonwriter Will Heard for a new single, “Nothing Left“.

Immediately, the song draws listeners in with the duo’s smooth vocals over a gentle piano tune. This style continues even as the acoustics change to a more catchy (yet still gentle) tune.

Almost immediately though, it’s the lyrics that demand the listener’s attention.

Tell me that you need me
To help you find a way
Through all of this madness
Can I be your light of day?

As the song progresses, the basic message becomes abundantly clear. It’s about people (including both the artist and the listener) needing help getting through life. As the song says,

If you don’t stop living your life
Turned to one side with a blind eye
There’ll be nothing left for no one.

The passion and sincerity of the artists rings through their joint vocals, leaving not only a mesmerizing track but a touching one as well. The only real complaints here are that the track might be too short for some listeners who might want some more clarification as to who, exactly, the song is about. The other is that the chorus acoustics basically sound like lullaby samplings of Macklemore’s “Can’t Hold Us“, this isn’t a bad thing, but it is distracting.

“Nothing Left” is available on Soundcloud and where music is sold. Listen below.