Review: Mikey AK – No More Freebies

Review: Mikey AK – No More Freebies

“No More Freebies is me taking that leap of faith to turn a purpose and a talent into a full time career. It is time to sustain everyday life by getting what I feel I deserve for myself and my family” –  Mikey AK

Right from the start, Mikey AK shows his pop cultural heart, filling his music with video game references and slippery flows. His rhymes match the beats, especially on tracks like “Loose Change Interlude.” It’s here in these moments where AK unwinds and kicks back, letting the beat rock with bars on repeat.

All the way from Glen Burnie, MD, AK is the type of rapper that stays loyal to his crew. His latest project, No More Freebies, is pretty much completely produced by  friend, Andrew “Drew Beats” Bowers.

The beats and bars pretty much go hand in hand, especially on tracks like “Reach You,” which showcases Mikey as somewhat of a love lost guru, trying his best to win the heart of a woman while simultaneously talking about his passion for his fans, friends, and apparent equals in hip hop.

Mikey AK is a rapper for parties but also the type of dude to always throw in some introspection. See the song “Up a Check” to get a better feeling of what I mean.

Definitely check Mikey AK if you like artists that combine the light blues of modern Drake and the energy of southern star Big KRIT.

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Written by Harrison Giza

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