Review: Oriana Setz – Metamorfosis


When I first heard “Pastel Lilac,” I was blown away by the sound that Oriana Setz had brought to life.

Her voice roars, fierce and with a distinct soaring that is reminiscent of early Norah Jones and Fiona Apple. “Pastel Lilac” has a pan flute breakdown, soothing guitar lines, and orchestral work that blends so well with Setz’s voice, you almost forget someone was playing it.

The whole album, which is just seven songs in total, encapsulates a jazz-filled, latin-heavy scorch of heartbreak, fond recollections of memories and moments passed, and, choruses that will be stuck in your head for the rest of your day (and possibly week).

Another big hitter on Metamorfosis is the incendiary “Pieza Perda,” a track that mixes indie vibes with a heavy dose of Ecuadorian soul. Oriana sounds so happy here and you can almost feel or hear her smiling through out the song.

Out of all the releases I have heard so far this year, Oriana Setz’s Metamorfosis is without a doubt the most consistent and strongest so far. Keep an eye on her for years (and albums) to come.