Rudy De Anda – “Delay, Cadaver of a Day” Review


Rudy De Anda Delay, Cadaver of a Day Review

Today is the day for Rudy De Anda’s newest release, Delay, Cadaver of a Day through Porch Party Records.

From the second the album begins, it’s high energy, even despite the points of extremely raw, gritty lyrics. From first listen, the album has a wonderful blend of pop-punk, prog-rock, and classic jams to keep the personality of the songs continually surprising and full of life.

The lyricism and vocals match up perfectly with the highly active hooks and riffs from the static guitars. The sound is almost dreamy and hazy, but melts nicely into the organized chaos of the instrumentation. In this way, the album is just as expressive as the colors on the cover. It washes in and out like a tide with songs predominantly instrumental but still as immersive as the vocalized sections.

The album is great at manipulating the genre its in, which is hard to define anyway. The melodies can be soul, they can be shoegaze, they can be punk, they Beatles and Velvet Underground, but ultimately roll to create Delay.

The album will surely take you on a life journey through the highs and lows, very literally with the loud drums and metaphorically with the emotional transformations.

Check out Delay, Cadaver of a Day from Porch Party Records here.

Listen to the album on Bandcamp here:

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