Sherwood “Some Things Never Leave You”


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Sherwood “Some Things Never Leave You”

It’s been a few years since Sherwood has released a full-length album, due to numerous side projects. But they have returned strong with Some Things Never Leave You via BC Music.

With some songs having an alternative grunge sound a la Foo Fighters, to slower, progressive, more pensive tracks like “Together Again” and “The Unknown,” the album is highly varied, yet comprehensive in its message and vibrations. You can see the development to more intense sounds since their previous works, such as QU. The sound has become more whole, more realized, and the pacing of the record seems natural almost as if you are growing up as the seconds progress.

The best aspect about this album is its overarching sense of tenacity. Alongside the vocal blending, explosive bursts of energy from the drumbeats and static guitars, it remains crisp, fresh, while also nostalgic in a way which reminds us of the music that comforted us from our childhood. The pop-rock undertones allow listeners to experience the early 2000’s once again while also being present in the contemporary, listening to something new, with the warm emotions associated with music from the past — an accomplishment hard to achieve.

This album is not only the best in their repertoire, it is also highly accessible from all angles. New fans will revel, and old fans will be relieved one of their favorites is still going strong after so many years.

Track List:

1. Outside/In
2. Closer To You
3. Little Bit Better
4. New Year’s Eve
5. Back Home
6. Bottle It Up
7. Together Alone
8. Believe
9. The First
10. Old Ways
11. The Unknown

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