Review: Sluka – Vampire’s Ball

This song. Maaaan. It is a lot. A whooooole lot to handle.

With the screeching of early 80’s Ozzy, Sluka creates a dramatically absurd song that incites life, human liberty, and of course, vampires never looking back on life. Give “Vampire’s Ball” a listen yourself below!

The opening piano work is strong, and for a little bit I almost preferred it to what Sluka ends up going with here. “Vampire’s Ball” is a song for a spooky moment, one that is twisted in scary scatters of misty, moaning vocals and out-of-space keyboard work. I like the guitar a lot too.

Sluka really captures a theatrical sound out of this song, one that borders on absurd so quickly, some people will undoubtedly never take it seriously. But after the second listen, the track has grown on me exponentially. Each whispered “vampire’s ball” works really well, especially with the reverb going on behind it.

Over the years, Christopher’s visionary style has developed and matured – always remaining enigmatic, yet keeping a focus on creative songwriting, while cultivating an international reputation for his enthralling “live” performances.

So if you have yet to listen to this song, keep in mind the theatrical nature and high amount of terrifically genuine cheesiness of a song so honest.



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