Review: VIP – Sluka

The video for “VIP,” a post-rock, chorus heavy, lovably odd track, is filled to the brim with cuddly dogs doing cuddly dog things. The song uses a crazy amount of synths stacked up against devastatingly smooth guitar work… check out the video for yourself below.

While the chorus is repetitive, the vocal work from Christopher Sluka will be embalmed on your brain for the rest of the day you listen to it. He screams “if I had my VIP” over and over and over, to the point where the only thing you can do is sing along with his dramatic, soulful voice.

As a frontman, Sluka has encapsulated his own sound in a genre that too often just copies the work of “the greats,” whether we are talking Nick Cave or David Bowie… and what makes “VIP,” as well as Sluka so fun and catchy, is the fact that they truly give a fuck about not giving a fuck. Yes, the video has dogs and maybe is attempt for more mainstream broadening, but the song itself is a wise hopeful schlock with terrific performances from the entire band.

Along with Sluka helming the band, Lis Viega (drums, vocals), Alexandra Holt (street can, theremin, vocals), and Anna Eppink (bass, vocals) really deliver the sonic goods, interchangeably going from trippy to punkish aesthetic within seconds of each other. And together? The group creates a theatrical and lively piece of post-rock… with a sellable music video that might just make you smile (or maybe even adopt a dog).

Check them out!



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