Review: WiseProof – “Scuse Me”

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Trap music has become a giant puddle of mix and mash, braggadocio swag where most artists sound entirely the same. This is not the case with WiseProof, mostly due to the fact that he gets all psychedelic when he spits his fire.

With “Scuse Me,” he brings together a collection of classic hip-hop sounds, mixing G-funk vibes with early Outkast brass. The beat matches his voice terrifically, screeching and scathing with glints of darkness (bars to boot).

His music is what I’d call trapadelic, with a few shades of dub hop to even up his rapid flow. There’s so much to take in when WiseProof speaks, with sounds blaring behind him, weed-soaked and smooth.

He’s philosophical and still able to be fun. “Scuse Me” shines after the drop (well timed and well placed), with Wise continuing to deliver vocally as well as lyrically. After all, there is a reason this guy opened for Kanye. He knows his shit and sticks to it, experimenting and taking risks while staying fresh and relevant.

Overall, great single. Go listen to it.