Robert Pollard Music Stylings Album and Track Release

Robert Pollard Glam Orchestra Rock tinged with Indie

Track Review:

Paul Stokes reviewed Robert Pollard’s new track release “My Zodiac Companion” and noted Pollard as saying the piece is “Kind of like Rocky Horror Picture Show” (MoJo). Pollard calls the track more than just another clip of music, “My Zodiac Companion” is a Glam-Rock-Drama. Invoking epic tragedy reminiscent of the late, great David Bowie, Pollard takes the listener through an explosive Glam-Orchestra-Rock time-track.

An additional new Album is set for September 2016, which will include “My Zodiac Companion.” To listen to this fresh, exclusive track, click here for a MoJo redirect.

Current Album:

Of Course You Are was recently released, 4 March 2016, and is available on iTunes for $9.99, single tracks at $.99 each. Including Indie-Rock tracks, “That’s the Way You Gave It to Me” and “Promo Brunette.” “Long Live Instant Pandemonium” lays rock on heavier, taking cues from punk and ‘80s power rock.


“That’s the Way You Gave It to Me” is lyrical and directed by wholesome guitar, plucked to perfection. Pollard’s vocals soothe the listener and imply that what one gives is what one should expect to receive in return. A message to us all to put out what we want to get back.


Shout to Sources: MoJo, GBV, SoundCloud, YouTube


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