Shawna Virago Releases New Album


‘s new album, “Heaven Sent Delinquent” is a strange mix of mellow and low acoustic tunes and a wickedly whacked out Zevon boogie. Listen to “Last Nights Sugar.”

Shawna Virago is a transgender musician who has gained a reputation for her lyrics over her past few musical projects. Shewired claimed Virago as one of the nation’s “Top 25 Hot Femmes”and  The Advocate named Virago’s song ‘Objectified’ as an American transgender anthem.

While this project isn’t for everyone, it should definitely be a check out for anyone who likes singer/songwriter tracks and acoustic ballads.

Shawna is herself through and through, and on this project she reveals the most about her life. as well as her humor, as she ever has before.

Check it out if you can.