Shift K3Y – “Beep Beep”


Young London based UK pop producer Shift K3y has just premiered a moving and grooving new dance track “Beep Beep” (which can be listened to below) from his upcoming album “Off the Record” that is currently being released track by track online via Sony.

“Beep Beep” instantaneously puts the image of a fun night time jumping club scene into your head the moment that first subtle melody slides into your ears. Its electric rhythm makes it nearly impossible for you to resist getting out on the dance floor; even if that dance floor is just your living or bed room. Pitchfork went into further detail describing “Beep Beep” saying:

I’m not saying 22-year old, London-based producer Shift K3Y can fill [Craig] David’s shoes, but “Beep Beep”, the latest from his forthcomingOff the Record album, gives me a similar feeling: that balance of polish and realness often missing from the new wave of garage-leaning UK pop. (That’s the easiest way to embrace this stuff, for any dance purists still skeptical of millennial revivalism: pop foremost, house as a qualifier.)

“Beep Beep” is full of warm electronic goodness. Turn up your speakers and let the beat take you away.



Joshua Leep
Joshua Leep
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